Friday, May 2, 2008

Dinner at On The Border

On The Border: ExteriorWe passed this place several times and had always wanted to try it, the restaurant chain that seems to be the Mexican version of TGI Fridays, and today that finally came true. It was a weekday but this place was quite full, was it because the Cinco de Mayo coming soon?

After waiting for about 20 minutes, we were seated. Our waiter was very friendly, he asked us if this was our first time and we chatted a little bit. He gave us the menu then took our drinks order. When he came back, he brought our drinks as well as some chips and salsa. We asked for his recommendation, he said that one of his favorite was the chicken chipotle fajitas. Then we decided on what we wanted to try: chicken tortilla soup, firecracker stuffed jalapenos, 4 combos (chicken flauta, beef empanada, fish taco, chicken enchilada) and the chicken chipotle fajitas.

On The Border: InteriorWe have a tendency to order a lot of food at a new place and we always couldn't finish everything since both of us have small stomachs. We wanted to try as much items as possible before making a decision whether to come back again or not.

Anyway, the chips was good, it was housemade. The soup was quite tasty, it has lots of chicken. The stuffed jalapenos was good, spicy and crispy. The chicken fajita was excellent, the tortilla was soft, the chicken was tender and tasty.

On The Border: Chips and salsa On The Border: Chicken tortilla soup
Chips with salsa and Chicken tortilla soup

On The Border: Firecracker stuffed jalapenos (close up) On The Border: Chicken chipotle fajitas (close up)
Firecracker stuffed jalapenos and Chicken chipotle fajitas

From the 4 combos, I liked the chicken flauta the most, it was crispy and well seasoned. Both the beef empanada and chicken enchilada were just okay. We were disappointed with the fish taco, it was bland.

On The Border: 4 combos - chicken flauta, beef empanada, fish taco, chicken enchilada
4 combos: chicken flauta, beef empanada, fish taco and chicken enchilada

During our dinner, the manager came to our table asking if everything was okay, he was very nice. After paying the check and packing the leftover, we went home with very full stomachs. We know if we want to have Mexican food in our area, we will go back there again.


On The Border
51 US Hwy. 1
New Brunswick, NJ 08901
(732) 214-9400

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