Wednesday, May 21, 2008

I finally met and learned from Chef Pierre Hermé !

It was an amazing and unique experience to meet and learn from the master pastry chef Pierre Hermé for two whole days.

Turns out that this was only the second time that Chef Hermé had taught a class (the first one was at École Ferrandi in Paris). I'm still trying to get back to earth from cloud nine, it was like a dream -- a very good one!

I will write more about my experience soon. For now, here are some pictures that I've taken (from several hundreds) during the class. I will upload more to my flickr after I have had a chance to sift through them properly.

Pierre Hermé: Beginning of the class on day 1 Pierre Hermé: After the class on day 1, before leaving to Chef Art Smith's house for dinner
Chef Pierre Hermé at the beginning and end of day 1

Pierre Hermé: The master and me at Chef Art Smith's house
Chef Pierre Hermé and me

Pierre Hermé: Putting the final touch on the Ispahan on day 2 of class Pierre Hermé: His most famous creation - Ispahan
Putting the final touches on Ispahan

Pierre Hermé: The end of class on day 2
The end of class on day 2

Pierre Hermé: The results after the 2-day class
The amazing results of the 2-day class
Top row: Ispahan Entremet, Emotion Ispahan, Tarte Ispahan.
Middle row: Vanilla tart, Revelation, Miss Gla'Gla Ispahan Glace.
Bottom row: Emotion Depayse, Macaron Ispahan, Mogador, Macaron Satine, Black Truffle Macaron, Chocolate and Foie Gras Macaron, Macaron Satine (flipped up).

Actually there was another dessert created during the class (a surprise gift from him), but since it's not available yet at his stores, I have decided to wait until he makes the official announcement about this product. All I can say is that it was amazing and I feel very lucky to be among the first few who tasted it.

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Veron said...

Great collection of pics, Mitzi! I am also sifting through my photos. It was a fun group we had and I was so happy to meet you in the class. Do keep in touch!