Saturday, May 31, 2008

Another try of White Castle

The first time I had a White Castle burger was at the end of December 1999 during my lunch break. I bought it from a vending machine and came in 2, so I ate one and took the other home for my husband (my boyfriend at that time) since he had never tried it either. From that point on, we both decided that we wouldn't buy any more of their burger. It was really bad, soggy and tasteless. We guessed it might be because it was not fresh, but we still didn't want to buy it anymore.

One day at the end of last year, out of the blue Y told me that she likes White Castle a lot. She said their burger is very good and fresh, she can even eat up to 3 burgers in one sitting. Wow, I was very surprised since she is a skinny girl and based on my bad experience almost a decade ago I didn't know what to say.

Then this year I saw a lot of White Castle's advertisements on TV and that made me think of their burger. Last Sunday my husband and I finally stopped by a White Castle and bought several items to go: chicken rings, hamburger, cheeseburger, and their new chicken italiano. All of them were surprisingly excellent, way beyond our expectation! The bread was soft, the meat was tasty, and the onions made it even better. Their small size is another good thing about these burger, it made me feel less guilty for eating fast food :-)

White Castle: Chicken rings and honey mustard White Castle: Hamburger (sliced)
Chicken rings and Hamburger

White Castle: Cheeseburger (close up) White Castle: Chicken italiano (sliced)
Cheeseburger and Chicken italiano

Overall, we're glad that we decided to give them another try. I'll try their breakfast items on my next visit one of these days.


White Castle

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Mr. Puggle said...

hahaha, came across your blog when i googled kukuru tako yaki for a blog entry i was doing for Mr. Puggle. Imagine my surprise reading you didn't like white castle's initially yet in the previous post you raved about octopus. maybe bc i grew up on the south side of chicago eatin' sliders and never ate octopus until i went to guam; i found it funny.

very nice blog you have. hope you enjoyed your time in chicago. btw, we have a Mitsuwa Marketplace near Chicago too.

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