Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Lunch at Singapore

Singapore: ExteriorLast Sunday we had lunch with R and B at Singapore after spending several hours at their house for some embroidery work. I asked B to help me embroider my new chef jackets that I just bought for the Pierre Hermé class. When we arrived there, the restaurant was quite empty, only 2 other tables were occupied. We were a little bit in a hurry since my husband had a conference call later that day, so we were glad that they were not busy.

After looking at the menu we decided to order shrimp and crabmeat spring rolls, crispy duck salad, Malaysian hot and spicy shrimp, spinach with shitake and garlic, fresh mango with chicken, mee goreng, banana leaf grilled fish. Wow, that's a lot of food! I knew even before the food arrived that we would take some home for our lunch tomorrow. Actually we were thinking to have Singapore chili dungeness crab too, fortunately they didn't have it on that day, phew, one less entree to take home :-)

The shrimp and crabmeat spring rolls was very good, crunchy and lots of filling, highly recommended. However the crispy duck salad was not as good as we hoped for, the duck was not crispy at all. For an awesome crispy duck salad that has never failed as of today, we have to go to Thai Kitchen in Bridgewater, they call it house special duck though, so yummy! Thai Kitchen have 3 locations but we usually go to the one in Bridgewater, so we don't know how the taste at the other locations.

Singapore: Shrimp and crabmeat spring rolls Singapore: Crispy duck salad
Shrimp & crabmeat spring rolls and Crispy duck salad

Back to our today's lunch, the Malaysian hot and spicy shrimp was good, it tasted literally as name says. Spinach with shitake and garlic was okay, not my favorite since I don't really like any vegetables. The fresh mango with chicken was too sweet for me since I was hoping to taste a little bit of sourness in it, the mango slices added some crunch to it.

Singapore: Malaysian hot and spicy shrimp Singapore: Spinach with shitake and garlic
Malaysian hot & spicy shrimp and Spinach with shitake & garlic

Singapore: Fresh mango with chicken
Fresh mango with chicken

The last two entrees were delicious, I liked the mee goreng a lot. The noodle has some bite to it, the dried squid sauce was so tasty and not overpowering. The banana leaf grilled fish was so tender, the sambal was spicy and complimented the fish well.

Singapore: Mee goreng Singapore: Banana leaf grilled fish - red snapper
Mee goreng and Banana leaf grilled fish (red snapper)

As predicted, both R and B and us took home the leftover entrees which was still a lot, we only managed to finish the appetizer/salad since we already had our eyes on the desserts which were fried banana and peanut pancake. Fried banana was good, crunchy and I could taste the sweetness of the banana, but I didn't like the syrup on the bottom, I prefer they had used honey instead. The peanut pancake was pretty good, crispy but the filling was not sweet enough, I still like the one from Penang more.

Singapore: Fried banana Singapore: Peanut pancake
Fried banana and Peanut pancake

Overall the food was good, unfortunately the service was only okay, we had to wait for about 30 minutes before the first food came out. They were not busy, but I suspect they only had a few staff to run the kitchen since it was a family business -- and we ordered a lot.


182 Orlando Drive
Raritan, NJ 08869
(908) 685-3088

Thai Kitchen
1351 Prince Rodger Ave
Bridgewater, NJ 08807
(908) 231-8822

Penang Malaysian Cuisine
505 Old Post Road
Edison, NJ 08817
(732) 287-3038

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