Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Lots of food at Super Star East Buffet

Super Star East Buffet: ExteriorE and Y have told us about this place for a while, finally last Saturday we went there with them. Actually we didn't really like to go to buffet since we were always overstuffed, that's why we never went to buffet just by ourselves. Usually if we went to buffet, it was because our friends wanted to go there or if we wanted to have a long conversation with them without any interruption.

Anyway, this place was huge and offered so many selection of food, ranging from soup, dimsum, seafood, sushi, regular Chinese food, Mongolian BBQ, even Peking duck. We tried BBQ ribs, California rolls, stuffed mushrooms, baked clams, frog legs, shrimp dumplings, honey walnut shrimp, crab legs, Peking duck and some other food. Overall the food was okay, regular buffet food, nothing special. The crab legs was good, it was sweet. The one thing that I like the most there was the Peking duck, the skin was crispy, the meat was tender.

Super Star East Buffet: Dinner buffet Super Star East Buffet: Dinner buffet
Lots of food (Peking duck on the left picture)

Then there was some fruit, dessert and ice cream too. We tried their cakes, it was okay, not too sweet.

Super Star East Buffet: Dinner buffet - pastries and fruits Super Star East Buffet: Dinner buffet - cakes and mochi
Fruits and Desserts

Personally we won't go back there, unless our friends invite us then we cannot decline it. As of today, the buffet place that we still want to go back to is Minado, they are expensive but based on our past experiences they have lots of varieties and the food was very good, it was totally worth it.


Super Star East Buffet
311 Nassau Park Blvd
Princeton, NJ 08540
(609) 987-9168

2888 Route 10 West
Morris Plains, NJ 07950
(973) 734-4900

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