Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Lunch at Tawa

We arrived safely at home around 2 o'clock this morning from an amazing short trip to Chicago. We were very tired, so we took shower and went straight for a very nice long sleep at our own bed. I love to travel, but it's nice to be home.

Tawa: ExteriorWhen we finally woke up, we felt very hungry but didn't have anything at home to eat, so we decided to go to Tawa to try their lunch buffet. We like their food but have never tried their lunch, we usually had dinner there or ordered take-out. When we arrived there were a lot of people already, but luckily there were still several tables available.

After we got our table, I went to the buffet table first while my husband waited since we didn't want to leave our stuff unattended. There were a lot of choices and I took a little bit of almost everything for us to share. The food was delicious, our favorite of the day was the lamb szechwan, it was very tender and very spicy. That's why my husband took some more when it was his turn to go. He also took the dessert that they offered on that day which was seviya kheer. It looked like vermicelli with very sweet almond milk soup, we could also taste the cardamom (?) in it, we didn't like it.

Tawa: Lunch buffet - chole, achari aloo, chili paneer, vegetarian hakka noodle, chicken tikka masala, lamb szechwan, zafarani pulao Tawa: Lunch buffet - chowpatty chat

Tawa: Lunch buffet - haryali tangdi kabab, lamb szechwan, chili paneer, methi malai mutter, sindhi kadhi Tawa: Seviya kheer (another view)
Lunch buffet

Up until this day our favorite dish from here is still the papdi chat, it has almost all the taste I like -- crunch, sweet, sour, spicy. We often ordered take-out only for this, so yummy! We also like their chicken biryani, it's very tasty and the meat was tender.

Tawa: Papdi chat Tawa: Dum pukht bhandar with chicken (uncovered)
Papdi chat and Dum pukht bhandar (Chicken biryani)


1357 Stelton Road
Piscataway, NJ 08854
(732) 985-2414

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