Sunday, June 1, 2008

Dinner at Bien Hoa

Last Tuesday, we were in a mood for Vietnamese food. We went to Bien Hoa since their food was delicious and I especially love their quails. Not every Vietnamese restaurants have quails in their menu, so this is one of the reasons why we keep coming back to this place.

That night we ordered goi du du (papaya salad with beef jerky), cha gio (Vietnamese egg rolls), com tam suon bi cha trung ga (grilled pork chop with shredded pork, crab meat patty and egg on broken rice), and of course chim cut ro ti (roasted quails). As expected, all of the food was delicious! The papaya salad was crunchy with sweet and sour taste coming from the sauce, also they were not skimpy with the beef jerky. The egg rolls was hot and crispy, while the pork chop was tender and excellent. Last but not least was the quails, they were amazing, the meat was tender and very tasty.

Bien Hoa: Goi du du Bien Hoa: Cha gio
Goi du du and Cha gio

Bien Hoa: Com tam suon bi cha trung ga Bien Hoa: Chim cut ro ti
Com tam suon bi cha trung ga and Chim cut ro ti

By the way, we tried one of their pho during our previous visit, but unfortunately the soup was not that tasty. If I remember correctly, the ones from Pho Anh Dao tasted better last time we had them. It has been a long time since we went there, so we plan to give them a visit when the weather gets cooler.

Bien Hoa: Pho xe lua (with egg noodles)
Pho xe lua


Bien Hoa
2090 State Route 27
Edison, NJ 08817
(732) 287-9500

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