Sunday, June 22, 2008

Matcha confectionary fair at Mitsuwa Marketplace

Mitsuwa Marketplace: Matcha confectionary fair displayAfter having lunch at SriPraPhai yesterday, we came here for their Matcha confectionary fair. I love matcha, so no wonder I had to check out this special event. When we arrived there, I went straight to that special display located near the entrance. There were lots of matcha products and most of them usually I couldn't find, so I couldn't resist to buy several items.

Here were what I got:

Mitsuwa Marketplace: Nabisco - Sofrea soft cake - green tea box Mitsuwa Marketplace: Ginbis - Shimi choco corn cracker - matcha
Nabisco - Sofrea soft cake - green tea and Ginbis - Shimi choco corn cracker - matcha

Mitsuwa Marketplace: Kashiwado - Senbei - matcha (in packaging) Mitsuwa Marketplace: Lotte - Toppo - matcha chizukeki box
Kashiwado - Senbei - matcha and Lotte - Toppo - matcha chizukeki

Mitsuwa Marketplace: Kasugai - Wafers choco - matcha (in packaging) Mitsuwa Marketplace: Furuta - Uji matcha cookie box
Kasugai - Wafers choco - matcha and Furuta - Uji matcha cookie

Mitsuwa Marketplace: Tohato - Caramel corn - matcha Mitsuwa Marketplace: Futaba - Matcha hoten (in packaging)
Tohato - Caramel corn - matcha and Futaba - Matcha hoten

Mitsuwa Marketplace: Kanro - Matcha saryou (in packaging) Mitsuwa Marketplace: Lotte - Matcha gum (in packaging)
Kanro - Matcha saryou and Lotte - Matcha gum

Mitsuwa Marketplace: Meiji - Rich matcha chocolate (in packaging) Mitsuwa Marketplace: Furuta - Sequoia chocolate - matcha (in packaging)
Meiji - Rich matcha chocolate and Furuta - Sequoia chocolate - matcha

Mitsuwa Marketplace: Lotte - Rich matcha chocolate (in packaging)
Lotte - Rich matcha chocolate

And couple items that were not matcha:
Mitsuwa Marketplace: Nestle - KitKat - white box Mitsuwa Marketplace: Fujiya - Petite france - le praline box
Nestle - KitKat - white and Fujiya - Petite france - le praline


Mitsuwa Marketplace
595 River Road
Edgewater, NJ 07020
(201) 941-9113

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