Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Early lunch at Trois Crepes Patisserie

Trois Crepes Patisserie: StoreLast Saturday we went to Trois Crepes Patisserie to have an early lunch before heading out to Long Island. It was not easy to find the store, but after making several u-turns we finally found it. The place was very small and cozy, there were only few tables and chairs. When we got in, there were only 2 other guests occupying one of the tables. By the way, we saw a notice on the entrance saying that the business on this location was for sale.

Browsing through the display cases, I was very disappointed since there were only a few selections. I asked the nice lady behind the counter about the desserts and she told me that they don't have desserts on the weekends :-( We finally decided to have croissant, French ham & Swiss cheese crepe and chestnut cream crepe. The croissant was very good -- flaky, chewy and buttery. Both the savory and the sweet crepes were excellent, thin and soft, especially considering they were pre-made and reheated.

Trois Crepes Patisserie: Croissant (another view) Trois Crepes Patisserie: Croissant (sliced)

Trois Crepes Patisserie: French ham and swiss cheese crepe (sliced) Trois Crepes Patisserie: Chestnut cream crepe (close up)
French ham & Swiss cheese crepe and Chestnut cream crepe

I knew that I wanted to try their macarons, so I bought one of each: chocolate, raspberry and pistachio. I also got the plain and pistachio madeleines, as well as 2 kinds of chocolates (gavottes and dark chocolate praline). I didn't try any of these until 2 days later, at that time the macarons were very dry while the madeleines were surprisingly still moist.

Trois Crepes Patisserie: Chocolate, raspberry and pistachio macarons (another view) Trois Crepes Patisserie: Vanilla and pistachio madeleines (close up)
Chocolate, raspberry & pistachio macarons and Plain & pistachio madeleines


Trois Crepes Patisserie
501 East 75th Street
New York, NY 10021
(888) 3CREPES

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