Monday, April 28, 2008

Glico sweets fair at Mitsuwa Marketplace

Mitsuwa Marketplace: Glico sweets fair - displayMy husband and I love to go to Mitsuwa, so we try to go there often especially when they have special event. Last weekend they had the Glico sweets fair, so even though I had bought a lot of sweets from Tafu and Bouchon Bakery, I still persuaded my husband to check this out. When I arrived there I was disappointed since I thought that there would be special Glico items from Japan, unfortunately they only put their regular items out in front of the store.

I still got some goodies though: cream collon, capu-capu, strawberry kitkat, matcha kitkat and D-plus maple bread. They always have different kitkat flavors whenever I went there, so that is another reason why I love to go to Mitsuwa.

Mitsuwa Marketplace: Glico - Collon - cream Mitsuwa Marketplace: Glico - Caplico - capu-capu individual
Glico: Collon cream and Caplico capu-capu

Mitsuwa Marketplace: Nestle - Kitkat - strawberry (uncovered) Mitsuwa Marketplace: Nestle - Kitkat - matcha (uncovered)
Nestle: Kitkat strawberry and matcha

Mitsuwa Marketplace: D-plus - maple bread (unwrapped)
D-plus maple bread

When we go there, most of the time we get the soba from Kayaba, tempura for me and kitsune for my husband. Their soba is the best, the noodle itself is always al dente and the soup is very tasty. In addition to that, they are very cheap! That's why whenever we want soba we always go to Mitsuwa, since we have been to lots of soba places and no one beats them yet. I also got the green tea ice cream and cream yaki from Oishinbo.

Mitsuwa Marketplace: Mini tempura soba - from Kayaba Mitsuwa Marketplace: Kitsune soba - from Kayaba (another view)
Mini tempura soba and Kitsune soba from Kayaba

Mitsuwa Marketplace: Green tea ice cream - from Oishinbo Mitsuwa Marketplace: Oishinbo - cream yaki and tai yaki making
Green tea ice cream and and Cream yaki from Oishinbo

Then we went to Whole Foods to do some grocery shopping. From there we headed home, we were so tired and sleepy since we woke up early that morning.


Mitsuwa Marketplace
595 River Road
Edgewater, NJ 07020
(201) 941-9113

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