Thursday, December 11, 2008

itzy bitzy's December flavors

Finally, I can reveal our macaron's December flavors, here they are:
- Chestnut
- Cranberry
- Chocolate chocolate
- Rose raspberry litchi
- Gingerbread
- Peppermint

itzy bitzy patisserie: Macaron flavors for December 2008

This month, we will be indoor at the Gifted Holiday Market instead of the outdoor Brooklyn Flea, please come by if you are in the neighborhood (or even if you're not in the neighborhood) :D


Itzy Bitzy Patisserie

Gifted Holiday Market
Brooklyn Masonic Temple
317 Clermont Ave
Brooklyn, NY 11205

Brooklyn Flea
Bishop Loughlin Memorial High School
357 Clermont Ave
Brooklyn, NY 11238


Gabi said...

Hey Mitzy,

Just telling you that the macarons were awesome. Too bad they're gone already! :(


yummyinthetummy said...

Gabi, thanks for the compliment, I'm glad you like them! It's nice to see you again :-)

Nik said...

I enjoy your website very much (thanks for linking to me!) I am trying to find a restaurant in Manhattan that has good Indonesian desserts and I noticed you have a bunch of posts on that topic. Can you recommned one or two for me? Thanks for your help!


yummyinthetummy said...
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yummyinthetummy said...

Niko, you're welcome! I enjoy your blog very much as well, especially since I love desserts / sweets :-)

Regarding Indonesian desserts, unfortunately I don't have a recommendation for restaurant in Manhattan. However, there are several places in Queens (Elmhurst area) that sell Indonesian desserts and they are pretty authentic.

Here are the lists (in no particular order):
- Minang Asli (see the photos here)
- Java Village (I will upload the photos soon)
- Indo Java (I will upload the photos soon)

Indo Java has the most selections, especially on Saturdays after 6 pm when the suppliers have already dropped off their products.

Hope this helps!

waisze said...

I sold at the Brooklyn Flea this past summer. I would definitely have left my booth to check out your macarons if I knew! Your macarons look so yummy! All the best!

yummyinthetummy said...

Thanks! :-) I was not at Brooklyn Flea since they don't have any food vendors at Dumbo location :-( All the best for you too!

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