Tuesday, November 4, 2008

The surprise gift from Chef Pierre Hermé

As I mentioned in my previous post, on the second day of class we got a wonderful surprise from him. Unfortunately, I could not reveal what it was before. However after I saw the picture of it in his catalog as well as in here, I decided to post some photos that I have.

I remember Jacquy jokingly said that PH will be surprised to find out every bakeries in here will have this dessert in December. The dessert is called Agapé which consists of gingerbread, winter fruits and lemon mousseline, topped with caramel glaze. It tasted fantastic, perfect flavor combination!

Without further do, here are some photos of Agapé.

Pierre Hermé: Assembling Agapé Pierre Hermé: Assembling Agapé
Assembling Agapé

Pierre Hermé: Agapé (close up) Pierre Hermé: Agapé (sliced another view)

Also, back in September 11, 2008 PH released his newest book which is titled Macaron and opened his newest store as mentioned here. This store focuses only on macarons and chocolates, do you want to take a peek?

Last but not least, here's the photo from one of the best days of my life.

Pierre Hermé: I was receiving the certificate
Pierre Hermé and me


Pierre Hermé Paris

French Pastry School
226 West Jackson Boulevard
Chicago, IL 60606
(312) 726-2419


Aran said...

what a wonderful experience!

yummyinthetummy said...

Yes it is, I still cannot believe that I've met and learned from PH :D

ParisBreakfasts said...

Hi, isn't it funny that I bought that dessert? But it did look angelic and the taste was out of this world for sure.
I noted that the size of most macarons are a bit smaller than those found here..
That was my chef observation Mitzy.
All the best,

Tartelette said...

It is by far his most creative flavor combo for sure. I bet it tasted fantastic!
You both look adorable together :)

yummyinthetummy said...

Carol: welcome home! I'm sure you had a great time in Paris :-) Agapé was incredible, I was very happy to taste it.
Thanks for the observation, I guess they make portion size bigger in US?

Helen: yes, PH is genius! Agapé's taste was perfect, I cannot wait to recreate it so that I can have it again, yum.
Thanks for the compliment :-)